UNTOLD: Book Trailer & Blurbs

UNTOLD has won an International Book Award, 2011!

Marcia Z. Nelson, Religion Review Editor of Publisher’s Weekly, called UNTOLD, in a radio interview, “very distinctive.”

Untold: A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad is a book about the women at the dawn of a religion now claimed by one in four people on the earth (according to CNN.) The Fall 2010 “trade” paperback from Monkfish Books is available in bookstores. Thanks to those who purchased the pre-release special edition.

[To order Untold is also available in bookstores such as Book Passage, Corte Madera, CA. Also Amazon. See author page: http://www.amazon.com/author/untold ]

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“Untold” is a biographical narrative based on actual historical material with 70 poems embedded in the prose.

Comments from readers:

“I received Tamam’s beautiful book, Untold, yesterday. It is a real gem! What a treasure.” ~ Arlene

“Your wonderful UNTOLD is now in the woods of Maine. I will spread your words.” ~Henry

“The personal entwined with the historical narrative to hold the poems is so wonderful.  I didn’t know how starving I was for this until you let me taste!” ~ Basira

More comments from Distinguished Readers:

<>”Untold is a riveting hen-house of delight, a book based on subjects our society finds endlessly confusing — marriage, matriarchy, and Muhammad. Finally, we get to meet the first women of Islam. Tamam, thank you for doing this brave book.” ~ Coleman Barks, author, The Essential Rumi.

<>”This book is a movement to remind us that the prophetic experience and revolution are inner as well as outer, and beyond time or place. The women on these pages have as much to tell us now as they did then. Tamam has created a new genre of Islamic literature. Through her poetry she draws us to the Mothers of Islam by illustrating, exemplifying, and embodying actual human beings. Her vibrant words provide a doorway to the Wives of the Prophet.” ~ Arthur F. Buehler (A.M., Ph.D. Harvard) Senior Lecturer, Islamic Studies, Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand (2004–present).

<> In a sustained act of spirited research and imagination, Tamam Kahn brings Muhammad’s wives and daughters out of the shadows and into the light.  The women of ‘Untold’ have at last found their perfect teller, in voices so gemlike and clear that one wants to chant them aloud, dance to them, celebrate with them. ~  Lesley Hazleton, author, After the Prophet.

<>”Untold takes us on Taman Kahn’s moving, personal journey of discovery, to unveil the hidden history of the wives of the Prophet Muhammad. The book frees the authentic voice of these women, who came from many different backgrounds and who played an essential role in the origins of Islam.  Ms Kahn steers a middle course between Western religious prejudice and uncritical hagiography by finding the poetry hidden between the lines of reported history, itself written mostly by men. As such, this book is part of a larger movement that seeks to reclaim the voices of women prophets and saints of all traditions.” ~Dr Neil Douglas-Klotz, author of The Sufi Book of Life and co-author of The Tent of Abraham.

<> “Your book fills a great need, and does so with beauty.” ~ Pir Zia Inayat Khan

<>”Swimming amid “the names of God,” Tamam Kahn has written a brilliant and illuminating book, equally awesome in the depth of its research, the grace of its prose, and the beauty of its poetic voices.  Untold should be read with joy by any reader who hopes to transcend current stereotypes about Islam.  It is a bridge between worlds.” ~ Alicia Ostriker, poet and critic, author of The Volcano Sequence, and of Feminist Revision and the Bible, The Nakedness of the Fathers: Biblical Visions and Revisions and Professor Emerita of English at Rutgers University.

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Radio Interview KRCB Sonoma  “Muhammad’s Wives,”  North Bay Report, September 9, 2010.


This is a Television interview with Henry Tenenbaum speaking with Tamam Kahn about her new book release: “Untold: A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad”. This interview aired on KRON 4 TV Bay Area on the Sunday Weekend News Roundup on August 15th, 2010.


This is an excerpt from Joe Milford’s radio poetry show in an interview with Poet Tamam Kahn. This was compiled from the original air date 1-29-2011.


19 thoughts on “UNTOLD: Book Trailer & Blurbs”

  1. Jean Pierre David said:

    would like to buy the book


  2. I will probably wait and look forward to the paperback, tempting though a special edition is. Salaam…


  3. zahira cynthia mccloskey said:

    i would like to order your book. please let me know when they are in and where i can mail my check to you.
    blessings on your endeavor,


  4. Arlene Jech said:

    I would like to buy your book. Please let me know the address to send a check. Thanks so much. Arlene Aziza Orhon Jech


  5. Sandra Goodier said:

    I would like to buy the book. Just let me know where to send my check.
    Nur-unisa Heartsong Community


  6. Hi, How come it isn’t listed on Amazon? You need to submit it there.
    Blessings, Musawwir


    • Musawwir,
      The trade publication (Monkfish Books, September 2010) WILL be on Amazon. This is a pre-trade, Ltd. Edit. hardcover, available only from the author. Thanks for asking!


  7. Lynne Thompson said:

    Tamam ~ add me to the list of those who want to purchase your wonderful book; let me know where to send my $$$! Lynne


  8. Bruce Robinson said:

    At the suggestion of Nick Stewart, I’m writing to see if we can arrange time for a short (10-15 minute) interview prior to your local appearance at Copperfield’s Books on Sept. 9th This would be taped, not live, and the audio would then be used in a pre-produced segment for our daily North Bay Report here on KRCB-FM, the local NPR station. Because it will be pre-recorded, I can be quite flexible about the scheduling , but I will need to do it at least two days before the reading. The North Bay Report is broadcast three times each day as a local insert during the NPR newsmagazines; twice in Morning Edition and once during All Things Considered in the late afternoon. The show is also posted and archived on the North Bay Report page at our website, http://www.krcb.org.
    Please let be know when we might be able to talk here at our studios in Rohnert Park, either by return email or by calling (707) 584-2012.
    Thank you.


  9. As salaamu alaikum, Tamam. Untold is the best book on the Mothers of the Believers (r.a.) that I have found (and I’ve been searching for 35 years.) Historically as accurate as any I’ve seen and emotionally moving in form. One note though – from your book I have been convinced – Mariya was a wife, not “merely” a concubine. The status of “right hand possession” means slave. If the Prophet (a.s.) began is relationship with Mariya through “right hand possession”, that status ended when Mariya gave birth to Ibrahim ibn Muhammad. “Her son has freed her,” were Muhammad’s words. So she would have no longer been legal for Muhammad as a “right hand possession” since she was no longer a slave. To continue his relationship with her, Mariya had to become a wife with full rights at that point.

    If American slavery had utilized this simple and humane principle, slavery here could have ended much earlier and with much less violence and subsequent drama.

    Thank you for your wonderful contribution. May God bless your efforts.


  10. Mansoor Ahmed said:

    We would like to sell your book “Untold”. We are a wholesale and retail book distributors located in Brooklyn NY. Please can you tell us how can we purchase the book.

    Thank you


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