Occasionally I offer book reviews when I fee strongly about a new book and want to write about my discoveries. Having a book published is an enormous thing. I appreciate brave ventures of friends and others into exciting new areas – like Roger Housden writing of Iran; or Mary Johnson‘s fierce sharing of her life with Mother Theresa. Then there is Gjertrude Schnackenberg, a woman poet I’d never heard of, whose poetics altered my sense of the rhythms of poetry for many months.

January 7, 2013
The First Muslim
Lesley Hazleton

July 7, 2012
God of Love
Mirabai Starr

Nov 26, 2011
Gjertrude Schnackenberg

Sept. 2, 2011
An Unquenchable Thirst: Following Mother Teresa in Search of Love, Service, and an Authentic Life
Mary Johnson

June 3, 2011
Saved by Beauty, Adventures of an American Romantic in Iran
Roger Housden

May 3, 2011
I was a Dancer
Jacques d’Amboise

Nov. 21, 2010
Twigs and Knucklebones
Sarah Lindsay

May 26, 2009
Mary: A Flesh and Blood Biography of the Virgin Mother
Lesley Hazelton

April 9, 2009
Darwin: A Life in Poems
Ruth Padel (Darwin… )

Nov. 13, 2008
Jonathan Curiel

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