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Solomon’s birthday is July 11. This year he would have been 41 years old. In looking over the pictures I want to share I found this message that came into my heart when we lost him in Bangkok the end of January, 2012. These words were the clearest communication gift to me—to all the friends and family he loved:

My love for you is in everything you do.

SolomonTowardtheOne  Ammon&SoloOcean1981.jpg

Solomon was always moving Toward the One. Here he is with his big brother Ammon in Lake Tahoe or Mexico way back in the day. …And the more recent is from a couple decades later.P1040243.JPG

Django&SolomonCowboys - Version 2.jpg   P1010667.JPGDjango and Solomon are cousins born exactly 4 months apart – 11/11/77 and 7/11/77

Roll 24 - 4.JPG  Cousin Runni or Rah Vermel


DJing the Giants_MG_3460_display.JPGP1020733.JPG  A favorite evening was time Solomon was voted to be the top DJ at the Black and White Ball. Here he is in front of City Hall in San Francisco. A dance party in every sense of the word—on Van Ness Avenue.


Solomon and his dad. Sweet picture.

Roll 11 - 30 - Version 2.JPG


IMG_0434.JPGThe years go by…..None shows the time better than two pictures of Oona, Solomon’s niece, back when she was 3, with the red balloon, now going on 9 years.

P1050276 - Version 2.JPG

oona chantrels.jpg

We miss you, Solomon. We are all celebrating your happy birthday.