Memorial time again.  Love and Remembrance.

It will be six years since Solomon left this earth in Bangkok; marked this year with a special lit-up full blue moon that looks red, said to be the rarest of the rare, a Supermoonbecause Earth and Moon are as close as they ever get, so the lunar disk appears bigger and brighter than at other times... Also an eclipse. I think about death and life and the love of a mother for her son.  Poetry from Wanting the Moon by Denise Levertov

…The moon. No, a young man walking
under the trees. There are lanterns

among the leaves.
Tender, wise, merry,

his face is awake with its own light…

…music rings from his bells…



Giants stadium, Solomon DJ

I used to know who was who in the Grammys, because Solomon would tell me about the best music, the artists and the edgy tunes. I went to see the Warriors several times a season when he was their DJ. The SF Giants_he DJ’d there.

scan01_29_16 - Version 3.jpg  Hollye pics 4-03 052.jpg

His friends would descend on our house, our backyard, the pool—and leave it shiny and cleaner than when they came over. He’d invite me to his gigs like this one in San Diego.  Solomon constantly celebrated life, challenged it on mountain slopes, the wake of a boat, two tires or four. He lived more than fully, he lived COMPLETELY.

IMG_1407.JPG - Version 2.JPG

  San Diego hotel roof — with Chris Clouse                                                           

Shabda is in India now, just arrived in Delhi for the yearly celebration of Inayat Khan’s URS. In 1999 Solomon went to India with his Dad, and then traveled on his own. Another time he went for Scott Kaiser’s wedding. Here is an email from the early days of cyber communication that he sent me from there.

Sol Delhi2.jpg

DiggiPalaceGroup - Version 2.jpeg

INDIA -at the Diggi Palace with Shabda, Terry Riley (in green) and other musicians and students              


2001 Northern Morocco traveling with the Sufis                                                  

The world was his home. Then there is the family. We think of you often, Solomon. Nicole and Ryan and Samantha moved from 771 Treat Street to Pacific Ave above the bay. We get together and have a good time. Ammon’s girls love Samantha and treat her like a sister when they see her. Sam is 2, Oona is 8 and Maeve is 5.

20708161_10154850101946547_4494376121239690249_n           3 girls

Today I was at the bench with Girija, Jon’s mother and took this picture. The last few days have been heavy on my heart, but tomorrow I will honor and celebrate your transition and marvel over how you could have lived such a complete life in just 34 years. You are missed.