This is the evening that I find difficult every year. Because it is  now early afternoon in Bangkok the same time that marked the last moments of your life, Solomon — January 31, 2012. Yet, after I write this and put in the pictures, everything starts to shine with your light. When I’m finished, I can sleep well.  This is a celebration and Remembrance.

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Love Sonnet XCIV ~ by Pablo Neruda 
If I die, survive me with such force
That you waken the furies of the pallid and the cold,
From south to south lift your indelible eyes,
From sun to sun dream through your singing mouth.
I don’t want your laughter or your steps to waver,
I don’t want my heritage of joy to die….

And these words came to me soon after you left us, Solomon.

Take me with you, Mom, into your life, and what you do. Let me bring the balance and glide of boarding into the continual challenge of your everyday life. And please keep loving Nicole…..  

My gift to YOU from all of us who knew you is to live the message.

I recently re-read an email you wrote May 20, 2004 after finding the grave of your great-great grandfather Salomon Salomon in Germany.

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“…I decided to be adventurous and jump on a train to the town of Langenfeld without any prior inquiry… When I got off the train I started walking. It turned out to be down a long footpath. And just when I thought I was lost, I happened upon it, a very small cemetery, not more than 30 gravestones. I went to the door and it was locked, so I waited until the coast was clear and jumped the fence. I had come this far, so I couldn’t be stopped now… Once inside it was sort of secluded. I walked in and immediately found the gravestone. (It looks very different than the others). I sat for 15-20 minutes and meditated on the spot. Afterwards I felt more in touch with my German heritage and family history. I return to Dusseldorf tomorrow to play a few more gigs this weekend then its back to SF on Wednesday… Hope you are well, Much Love…”

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I found this photo of you, Solomon and your niece, Oona. She is going on 8 now and is skiing at Tahoe with  Ammon, Laura and her sister, Maeve, as I write this. I’m sure at some point she’ll be taking up snowboarding with the intoxicating “balance and glide.” Maeve is going on 5. You never knew her. Here they are eating ice cream.


Also the delightful Samantha. We love her and see her and Nicole quite often. Ryan and Nicole are living full and exciting lives. Here she is with “Baba.” She just learned to say his name! This was the bell at the end of the meditation celebrating your life the other night.


I wish you were here to see Golden State Warriors Basketball. Four of them made the all-stars! Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson. Your dad and I have been watching this glorious team win almost all the games. I picture you DJ’ing as you did and even getting us into a game or two, now that the tickets cost much more than they did when you were there like this picture from your booth.IMG_0887.JPG

Tomorrow Girija and I will visit the bench ~Bench5.jpg This is the bench the Brilliants and Kahns dedicated to you and Jon Brilliant, out where the water-birds and cattails are. Dad is in Germany, landing in Frankfurt, then Berlin in a few hours. He sends his love. We miss you and celebrate your extraordinary life, now and always. With love from Mom

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