Sol 3

SolomIt’s been three and a half years since Solomon left us. Tomorrow, July 11, marks his 38th year. Thinking about giving birth on that cool evening, with fog blowing pieces of cloud just above our valley, streaming East and North, as I labored in our room on Montecito Avenue, on the bed with the pale orange flowers. It was a quick easy delivery. Shabda sang to him.

Today, all those years later, I am in a kind of pre-labor moment — with my new book. Five years of writing poems. They are —54 of them— stapled and in my travel bag, awaiting a 7AM flight to Boston and a short flight to Martha’s Vineyard, for a manuscript conference, discussing what is next – editing, ideas beyond my desk, and that creative incubation, research, drinking cups of tea, printing out drafts.

bed n booksT2 - Version 3

Then New York City—Solomon would have loved this. The Wide Shore: A Journal of Global Women’s Poetry, where I have a poem in the current issue, has borrowed an (the?) events room at Poet’s House below Tribeca in Manhattan, for 6 women poets to read our poetry on Friday, July 17th. I always dreamed of reading a poem about the first women of seventh century Arabia at Poet’s house in New York.

So this will be the birth of my work, made possible by Shabda’s enthusiastic support in all ways. Tomorrow, the date July 11th, is full of so many memories of beloved Solomon, DJ Solomon, Solomon who inspired, led his family members and his many, many friends on continuous adventures outdoors and in clubs and halls. Celebrating life fully!


And BIRTH. Nicole and Ryan are expecting a little girl the beginning of October. We are all over-joyed. Solomon is too, I’m sure of it. Looking down from the clouds, smiling that gap-toothed grin. Happy Birthday, Sweetie.

Solomon in India years ago

Solomon in India years ago

DJ'ing in the Napa countryside

DJ’ing in the Napa countryside

DJ'ing the DeYoung Museum, Fridays

DJ’ing the DeYoung Museum, Fridays

 Bangkok, February, 2012

Bangkok, February, 2012