afghanistan_map I just read a heart-warming, inspiring book.  I have a confession to write. After I completed The Favored Daughter, One Woman’s Fight to Lead Afghanistan into the Future, by Fawzia Koofi — I checked the internet to be sure she was still alive. True, I did. The book was published in 2012. Was she still allowed to be Afganistan’s first female parliament speaker after two years? Multiple assignation attempts. What a woman! She is on fire with her cause. She is magnetic. Speaks English very well.               Fawzia Koofi is running for President of Afghanistan in 2014.

Fawzia's book This is a well-written book. It flows well, is gripping in the narrative, and between the chapters are letters to her two daughters, with wisdom like this: Never turn anyone away from your door because you never know when the day will come that it is you who will need to throw yourself t the mercy of another’s door.

She was born in Koof, in the rural North, Badakhsan, in 1975. As 19th child, she had to face discrimination and injustice, loss of her parents. War. She was the only girl in the family who went to school. She spent time between the north and Kabul. First came the Solviet Union, and when they left in 1989, the Talaban began to darken Kabul with it’s restrictions and terror, especially for women.  Since 9/11 prompted more changes, Fazia writes:  there were “…social changes in past 11 years, not measurable or reported by the media… During Taliban period, life was difficult; to see a doctor or walk on the street —difficult. Now my daughters go to a good school in Kabul. “Since the fall of Taliban regime, there has been huge progress!”

 “Afghani woman’s life is full of struggle. I represent hope for my country.”

Fawzia was on the Jon Stewart show. He said, “Your life has remained in peril on a daily basis.” She replied, “If you become stronger politically or socially, you find more opponents… (yet) I see myself as part of the agency of change in Afghanistan.”

“Afghanistan is a country of relationship and value. That is the face of Afghanistan I would like to demonstrate to the world!”


“When you see the love of people… the needs, that keeps me always moving when I see the needs of my people.”

and Arthur Kade (a clearer tape)

Fawzia, may you have a long, safe and happy life!

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