“I went down to Rockaway Beach yesterday with my children and we saw what was going on there, we saw the destruction,” she said. “It was really sad but we also saw amazing acts of humanity. People sharing with other people, people working hard, cleaning houses, handing out food, blankets giving love and a hug.” Madonna

This October 8 I gave a reading in Tribeca, NYC. A new friend, Ishwari, bought my book and gave it to the director of Brooklyn Art Council, Dr. Kay Turner. I looked her up. Dr. Turner  loves Folklore as “the oral basis of culture, bringing the past into the present…,” she mentioned in an interview conducted by Diana Taylor for HIPP, NY.

Here’s where I pick up the thread. Kay thanked Ishwari with an email that said this:

I am devouring Untold. I love it! Thank you!!! You will appreciate that I took it with me to Madonna’s concert on Monday night. To read about the Wives while I waited for Her!!   Ha!  Xok”

Best book review I’ve gotten. Thank you Kay!    Pop Royalty and the royalty of the 7th Century – together – at Madison Square Garden…. oh, yes.  It makes me smile.

And this on the concert: from reviewer Cory Midgarden:  [November 13th for MTV online News]:  NEW YORK — “Madonna fans were in for a treat Monday night when the Material Girl packed Madison Square Garden for her MDNA Tour. While concertgoers waited for more than an hour between her set and her opening act …. it all proved to be worth the delay once the original Queen of Pop took the stage.

The 54-year-old confirmed the title was still hers as she opened the night wearing a black skintight ensemble that was hard to imagine Britney, Beyoncé or Gaga pulling off in 25 years’ time. But it was not just her flawless appearance that garnered ear-piercing screams throughout MSG. As Madonna worked the crowd with her single “Girl Gone Wild,” it was clear to everyone in attendance that they were in the presence of pop royalty…. The mood changed dramatically before her performance of “Masterpiece,” however, where Madonna expressed her condolences for those affected by Superstorm Sandy.”

Please! May we all continue to send prayers and help to those who are still suffering from this terrible storm. <>