Solomon encouraged his friends and family, gave us that gentle push to follow our dreams. I share this in the spirit of how Solomon’s friends felt they were shaped by his words, his vitality and inspiration.

I came across a speech I gave at the Rumi Fest in North Carolina soon after 9/11: “My work speaks to opening the curtained sanctuary in which the women married to Prophet Muhammad have been secluded from the non-Muslim world. I began focusing on the women in early Islam after spending a good deal of time in Morocco. I was putting a book together…. Recently, I was telling my youngest son Solomon that I was disheartened. Wondered who in the English-speaking world would appreciate or want to know of the lives of these women at a time like this! He quickly told me that this IS the time to speak out, since people are more curious, even hungry for insight into the “mysterious” Islam. He told me to go for it. So I am.”  These lines are not what one would expect between a mother and her (then) 24-year-old-son. Now, ten years later, my book is selling on Amazon and in bookstores.

Here are some other friends who were impacted by knowing Solomon:

Scott and Solomon

A doctor friend writes: “You know I loved him.  He was a brother to me…. He was my greatest confidant, and sculpted me in so many ways into a better human being.  I find comfort knowing that much of who I am both professionally and personally was shaped by his advice, and in that, I will always have him with me.” <> Scott Kaiser

A fellow DJ: “Solomon made me feel as if the information I held was extremely important and always made me feel as if my tips and tricks were useful to him. … We recently spent a few days together in San Diego and I can remember thinking to myself, “Wow, this guy really gets it! Learn from him, Don.” He was such a kind, warm, loving and giving person with an incredible passion for life, not to mention a superb DJ who has influenced me heavily. Solomon was the finest example of how precious life really is and will NEVER be forgotten. I love you Solomon and Nicole.” <> DJ Don Lynch

“Solomon was the 1 degree of separation for so many people and the glue that kept us all

Sol and Nicole

together. He was known amongst my friends as the captain of the A squad… I’ve had the honor to watch him evolve since 1999 into one of the most powerful people I know…his talent and passion was not like anything I have ever seen.  He did everything 110% and It was an inspiration and honor to be in his presence.” <>  Hollye Schumacher

” It could be argued that Solomon was responsible in large part for popularizing DVS (Digital Vinyl Systems) which has changed Djing more in the past 10 years than anything other than beat matching or scratching itself. Solomon was a DJ’s DJ… Amazing as he was behind the decks, many friends will also remember him on the lake, or snowboard or bicycle…. He was a master at having fun.”  <> DJ Mei Lwun

“I see Solomon everywhere. His body is gone and yet his spirit has never shined so bright.” <>  Leila Burrows

(a friend wrote from Bangkok) “The day of Solomon’s ceremony was beautiful, sunny and clear all day. I was not there, I was with Nicole at the hospital, but I heard of the glorious glowing sun setting to unveil the electric full moon. As you know, the end of the ceremony is the beginning of the cremation. Shortly after the cremation started, the heavens above shifted and the weather turned to a torrential downpour, as if the sky was crying. For an hour straight the rain came down, and then it just stopped. And it cleared. It was truly magical.” <> Tess Cordrey

“He touched my life in so many ways and will continue to do so forever. He connected so many of us together so many times.”   <> Simon James

“We didn’t lose a soldier, we lost a Captain…Solomon was a magician. He could make anything happen and he could make it fun.” <>  Colin Vincent

“Sol would have loved a temple ceremony, with dancers and an orchestra.  He would have also loved the fact that he continues to motivate us to go to far off places in order to be part of something special together.” <> Nikolai Kinski

“The thing Solomon could best was bringing together so many cool, unique and talented people all to have fun in whatever he did. He never lost his cool and always went out of his way to help someone out or teach them how to ride. He really was “our captain” and I feel so blessed to have know him and the people he introduced me to”. <>  Dave Bailey

Nobody does it better
Makes me feel sad for the rest
Nobody does it half as good as you
Baby, you’re the best                             ><    Carly Simon


Facebook friends….

“I’m so sorry to hear of Solomon’s passing. When I was a high school senior and president of the Marin Academy student body, a 15-year-old Solomon  pitched me on the idea that we should save money on a DJ and hire him to do the school dances. In an odd show of faith I said yes. He rocked it.” <> Eric Wiesen

“I learned a lot from you before you even knew me. I used to come to 181 and watch you DJ for hours, in hopes of learning something new… We’ve had countless conversations through out the years about music (which you knew more about than I did,) new technical stuff coming out soon, and about life… You have served not only as a great friend but inspiration to me throughout the years.” <> Eric Nagrampa

“I can’t believe it! I look up to you brother! I will always look up to you. The countless shows we’ve done together. The travels between SF, Vegas, SD, and Miami! Watching and learning from you all these years!!! Thank you!” <>   Zhaldee Sadie

From the first year I moved to SF, I always looked up to you. You were the living embodiment of so much that I wanted to be. On top of always having your life together, and keeping the party rocking, you ALWAYS such a gentleman and treated EVERYONE so well. Humble and poised, you were one of the greats and will be missed by all of SF.  <>Ali Khalili

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