On Thursday morning February 9, in Thailand, my son Solomon’s cremation ceremony began. It lasted all day and into the night, bringing his family and friends into the hours of Gamelan music and traditional Thai Buddhist rituals. Unlike a western funeral, there are hours to go through the many emotions that accompany this ritual.  Me and my husband Shabda, son Ammon, and his wife Laura, along with Nicole’s mother, Varvara, tuned in here in California.

Solomon’s cousin Runn Vermel and 4 close male friends from San Francisco, New York and Berlin were there in the temple. They read some words from us before the actual cremation proceeded. Nicole’s father Jason was there. Two wonderful friends, from years ago who live in Asia – Joe and Bryan – helped steer the ship through the varied emotional weather of the day. I am so grateful to them.

My dear Nicole, Solomon’s fiancé, received all of them at the hospital. She is preparing to be medivac’d to California where she will undergo back surgery as soon as possible. We have been skyping with Nicole, and it will be so good to have her back in the Bay Area.

Profound thanks to all who donated to the fund for Nicole’s expenses.

The outpouring from friends from every part of our life has deeply touched us. I am not ready to connect with friends yet,  and neither is Nicole, although we have a core support group who have been caring for us like angels. Please keep us all in your prayers.

When Nicole has recovered, as she is expected to do, we will plan a memorial for Solomon.  <>   <>