This time of year I generally spend ten days on a hill in Sonoma County alternating between meditation and playing the djembe, a large drum.

There are fifty to eighty of us who gather  and create a held space which can allow the world to unwind out of the head and nervous system, so the heart have room to experience and express feeling – to clear.  The mind can open, and there it is! Nature and other brothers and sisters on the path of waking up and serving love, harmony, and beauty –  here we are in this place. New challenges and old rise like bread, to be noticed tasted, and released. Over and over. And the meals. Did I say the food was wonderful? Great cook!

This morning, after three days, I did some poetry writing and was amazed at the clarity and power of the words that appeared on my computer screen. I have been working on a piece for several weeks, but during this couple hours each line of words flew toward completion.

So now I go back to  five more days of sitting  on the cushion, twenty minutes at a time, and then rising to drum, feeling complex rhythms in my body as I play alongside  the master drummer.  <>  May the way continue to open! <>