It’s time for my third annual LEGO blog. There was a recent announcement of a forthcoming Lego Movie by Warner Brothers. [More on that below.]

This year I received a piece of beautiful Lego jewelry – a necklace from  Jacqueline Sanchez<> When I wear it, small Lego fans put their tiny guys on the little plastic rectangle. “Cool,” they say.

Shabda and Ammon around '76

Our family has a heritage of lego builders. Now there are two generations. I used to get down on the floor with my eldest for restful half-hour of architecture time. Now he builds with daughter Oona, who is nearly two and a half.  They play with a Winnie-the- Poo DUPLO set, the “junior” lego blocks, bigger and easier.

Oona and Duplo blocks

A snipet of a lego poem….

Lego, lego, all over the floor,
Blocking the bed and blocking the door.
Building towers with little people inside,
To get through your room just push it aside… FlaminFuse

Mark Twain by Morgan 19




LEGO GUYS: Now this is amazing: a breathtaking set of a couple hundred historical figures from the “Flicker Historical Figure Contest contest in 2007 from 2004-2007.


Lego the story. How did this begin, anyway? According to the Guardian, UK, “Charlotte Simonsen, the company’s spokeswoman, says more than 400 million people will play with Lego this year. After 50-odd years of production, there are apparently 62 Lego bricks for every man, woman and child on the planet.

Lego Taj Mahal!

Ole Kirk Christenson (1891­–1958) INVENTED LEGOS. He came up with the name LEGO from the Danish leg godt (“play well”) and the company grew to become the the Lego Group. (“lego” coincidentally means “I put together” in Latin. Christenson was the 10th son of an impoverished farmer family in western Denmark. He started making wooden toys and  in 1947 moved onto using plastics. The Lego System of Play was born in the small town of Billund  in 1955, but it wasn’t until the famous studs-and-tubes platform was launched in 1958 that the toy really took off. His descendants still own the company today. A toy that grasps simply, brilliantly even, what millions of children (and their parents) want, that today sells seven sets a second and has twice been named Toy of the Century.

Lego: the Movie:  November 14, 2011 ~  Warner Bros has given the green light to a CGI/live action film based on the much-loved children’s building blocks, after toying with the project since 2008. The Danish toy company has historically been fiercely protective of its property in the face of regular Hollywood overtures, but warmed to the idea of a family-oriented flick embracing its key values of fun, creativity and boundless imagination. Warner Bros has asked Australian firm Animal Logic, which worked on the Oscar-winning Happy Feet and its forthcoming sequel, to take charge of the animation for the movie.

 (History info. And film announcement from the Guardian UK Monday November 14, 2011 and March, 2009 <>  <>