Coptic Christians protect Muslims as they pray in Cairo

This photo was originally posted on January 25 by Nevine Zaki, and went viral. Here it has been cropped and the circle of protection is photoshopped. It is a moment to dwell on. Cairo, where the factions joined  with the intention of a pro-Democracy outcome. Coptic Christians and Muslims have been part of the same family since Mariya-the-Copt gave birth to a son, Ibrahim on January 24, 632. His father was Prophet Muhammad. Ibrahim lived for almost 2 years, joining the two families.

It is moments like this that give hope as the old order in the Middle East feels increasing pressure from the youth and unemployed.

The Cork ~ by Tamam Kahn

The Arab world is

a fist on the cork

of the bottle.

The young twist, yank at the cork

make small popping sounds

anticipating the foamy spillage

– like Egypt and Tunisia –

dangerous and heady,

street blood and libation


pro-government crowd in Syria

while each regime


the neck,


over cork



on for dear life,


with dread

at TV mobs

as each country’s unemployed

shake the bottle. Shake and shake.

Youth on facebook, in the square;

they press thumbs against

the small cylinder

as voices rise.

Everyone knows – God knows –

drinking bubbly is forbidden

in Arab countries.  <>   <>


<> May the people of Syria, Yemen, Bahrain, Jordan,  and other places of unrest be safe! <>