“The Sheila Variations” has more Biblical legos

It is LEGO time again. I need to blog this subject once a year, so here it is, poetry and pictures. What got me going was the lego jewelry on the cover of Datebook, SF Chronicle today. What? lego jewelry? Lets see. some nice pieces.

Emiko Oye: Peppermint bracelet

bracelet made of heads…

Blues Brothers?

But now it is important to bring in the written word and honor the LEGO with another creative angle. I’ll start with an astounding piece which the Poetry Foundation recognized on its web site, move on to William Merwin in his strange union with LEGO, and end with the poetry of two young people whose poems were on the web.  Lego minestrone!

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This is it. The classic lego visual and written piece from the Poetry Foundation. It is a response to the fiftieth anniversary of the LEGO patent.

The Great Order of the Universe: a poem by CHRISTIAN BÖK


NOTES: “Using a conceptual strategy reminiscent of Sol LeWitt, the image enumerates every possible way of combining two LEGO bricks, each with eight pegs. The caption consists of two texts: the first, a translated paragraph from a volume by Democritus; the second, a transcribed paragraph from the patent by Godtfred Kirk Christiansen. The two paragraphs are perfect anagrams of each other. (a word, phrase, or sentence formed from another by rearranging its letters: silent is an anagram of listen).   Source: Poetry (July/August 2009).Poetry Foundation Archive

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WS Merwin, who is now the poet laureate of the United States has written a poem for The Lego Poem.

This is a repeat from my earlier post: The Lego Poem and Merwin (June 9, 2009),

Merwin’s poem is called “To the Book” contained in a pop-up book called The Lego Poem with inkjet lego designs by Kyung Min Lee. The work seeks to examine “how the interpretation of a language can change the cultural aspect of the poem.” I want to look inside, but I can’t. The book is Cloth bound with cut-out windows on front cover. Signed by the artist. Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, 2007, Chicago Il. Then I searched the internet and found the poem:

to the book     by W.S. Merwin
Go on then
in your own time
this is as far
as I will take you
I am leaving your words with you
as though they had been yours
all the time
of course you are not finished
how can you be finished
when the morning begins again
or the moon rises
even the words are not finished
though they may claim to be
never mind
I will not be
listening when they say
how you should be
different in some way
you will be able to tell them
that the fault was all mine
whoever I was
when I made you up

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Legos   By Adam K., Kailua, HI
Red blue yellow
Jonny Depp movie poster
colors of the rainbow
in geometric shapes
merging into perfect structures
colossal constructions
little men encased in cold plastic
tiny heads with blank features
stiff and blocky with robotic movements

square and small

Glen Stoner + his lego hat

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“My Legos”   by Andre

In a cabinet
in my room
many different LEGOS
I have blue, green, red, white, pink, yellow, orange, brown and gray Legos.
Sometimes my Dad buys them
and sometimes my grandmother.

The End.