...on the way to Point Reyes Station, Sunday afternoon

Today I got a computer message from Caroline Casey, my favorite visionary activist, inviting me to her Trickster Training Tea Party at the Dance Palace in Point Reyes Station. She writes in her invitation (white on purple):

Calling all Compassionate Tricksters 
to convene in pre-Solstice back-stage Council at this cataclysmic time, to be guided by the sky story of now, that our grief may fuel our deeper dedication to a culture of reverent

Caroline Casey

 The word “culture” primarily means what we grow or cultivate in the soil and, by analogy—in our souls.
 So—let all natural facts be social strategy metaphors. Let’s slow down to speed up. The more we slow water down,
 the faster it infiltrates. We gather in just that manner. So bring natural facts, and we will tease them into trickster strategy….

She shared the afternoon with David L Grimes who describes himself as Alaskan bard, musician, songwriter, storyteller, mariner, environmental activist, wilderness guide, former commercial fisherman and wandering fool. “I have howled with wolves, run from bears and co-habitated with killer whales…” You get the picture – a “Mr. Natural” trickster. David had experienced the Exon oil spill firsthand and had calming wisdom to share concerning the terrible BP disaster which it seems all of us carry these nearly 60 days, oily blotches of sorrow. He mentions that the Exon spill stopped deforestation of parts of Alaska by the timber agency, by means of Exon’s clean-up funds. He sang us a beautiful ancient-sounding ballad. He told us  to look from the earth’s perspective with long vision.

Caroline spoke. Ah, the s-l-o-w water. The slower it goes, the cleaner it gets before it reaches the ocean. We need to borrow from the intelligence of nature and slow down our lives… find a sacred cow and milk it. Let Bagwans be Bagwans.

Solstice. All solstices have traditionally been weddings, Ms. Casey tells us. This one concerns “…all that has been falsely estranged coming back together” for healing and uniting, environmentally, politically, and in ourselves as well.  [This paraphrasing from my notes is so stiff, compared to the stunningly brilliant, fluid and funny words that Caroline speaks, how she names our cultural angst, then brings in the positive, or has someone sing a song to get us away from thought, into our positive feeling places.] The audience just looks lit up, and that’s fun because when you listen to her on the car radio on the Thursday Afternoon Visionary Activist show you can’t see the faces of the other people listening. Yes, the radio show! I was there because she wrote me that she wants me to do a show with her on my book, Untold, and talk about the Prophet’s wives. We decided that August before my Bay Area Bookstore readings would be best. Stay tuned. I drove awaythinking about this: “Suck the G out of “kingdom” and blow it back out, what have you got? KIN-DOM. That’s what we want… We are all kin.

As I drove through upper Nicasio I did a bold thing. Caroline had awakened the anything-is-possible state of mind. I drove up the Nicasio driveway where I lived in a tent in 1968 in Bob and Diane Emory’s yard, just up from Lucas Valley road in the redwoods. I snapped a picture of the place where my tent was, felt that place on the earth where, years ago

tent spot, 1968

I had lived. Felt it. Then carefully turned around at the top of the steep dirt road and drove down, remembering driving down the driveway on those nights where the destination was the Avalon Ballroom, or Winterland, or the Fillmore. I heard that music all the way home.