I am staying somewhere on the bluff above Hanalei Bay in Hawaii. The book has taken a much needed vacation after all the drama and hard work around it’s arrival a couple weeks ago. There was the signing and shipping, the readings, the E-mails and phone calls; bookbookbookbook.

Hanalei Bay

So I’ve followed it here to a place with untold numbers of birds and tropical flowers – but  no bookstore….. Lucky for me Shabda taught a retreat here last weekend and I had a ticket. Now the job is to keep each shiny volume from  dampness, sand or fading from the sun. For those of you that are thinking, “Ah, the easy life….” just know that I return

book and papaya tree

to the business of books, and so do these untold volumes of words. Soon it will be all about promotion and merchandizing, planning and E-mails and those endless small corrections, the mind clutter of planning and doing, so be happy for me and these books-on-holiday.  After all, for any poets reading this,  it will be a good while until I will be writing poetry again. So in the mean time here is Matthea Harvey, who writes wonderful prose poetry!

From Word Park by Matthea Harvey

CHOCOLATING made it half way across the country, hopping from schoolyard to schoolyard in a convincing coat of mud, and last week VERYING was spotted hiding in the wake of a ferry. One watcher got a picture before the authorities harpooned it. In the photograph the water is bluer than blue.

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