On Wednesday at 3:30 the UPS driver rang the doorbell and three of us opened the door, Kyra, Rachel and me. There was a pile of fourteen boxes almost too heavy to lift. Kyra cut the tape and lifted out the first one. Untold, A History of the Wives of Prophet Muhammad, had arrived. Beautiful to look at and  just the right size. Rachel had printed out the paypal orders – except for international – and I practiced signing various greetings on yellow lined paper. By the time I arrived at the retreat at dinner time, the experience felt more real to me. The manuscript had strangely turned into a book, and I was invited to read from it at the evening program. It felt like falling asleep in a bluebird costume and waking with the wings and body of a bird.

People seemed to believe I am an author and asked for signed copies. Lots of copies. Now  the retreat is over and I will send out more book orders in the next few days. In case you want to have one, here is the information for ordering: http://tinyurl.com/yawrm2u …I’m still amazed.

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