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The second On-Line issue of The Sound Journal is up at  [See link at the right] <> The theme is Balance, and there is a good variety of offerings including some words from Jane Hirshfield, a Middle Eastern Odyssey, a joyful music video, Fine Art, poetry, and Sufi commentary on Balance. Kyra Epstein and I worked hard on this issue, with a nod to the scales of Libra – now departed – as we gallop toward Halloween. Check it out! <> <>

The Sound Journal invited Scott Cilmi to share two beautiful paintings with our world community. Scott is a Bay Area painter who is featured by the prestigious Cohen Rese Gallery on Sutter Street in San Francisco.

Scott Cilmi "Affirmation III" 48'X48' mixed media

Scott Cilmi “Affirmation III” 48’X48′ mixed media