As magical as Morocco seemed in the last two posts, it is beginning to feel like those home movies you get your friends to watch when they come over, and some of your good friends have seen them before….  So it’s time to go from the “royals” to the frogs. 

I bet you didn’t know about the Frog Walls in East Germany near Berlin. This cannot be common knowledge. The Germans seem so level headed and practical. Their country is a grown-up place, compared to adolescent america.  Nothing prepared me for those 10″ walls along the road on the edge of the forest. Not the 10′ walls that divided Berlin – No. These are the famous walls to keep the local frogs from jumping in front of cars, or crossing the road at a bad time; IMG_0253or simply hanging out on that smooth black surface. I made R.R.Rahima stop the car so I could take a picture at tire level.  So now the question of motivation arises. Is it a kind of clean-freak thing — no squished frogs, flattened outlines to disturb motorists? Or is it animal (reptile) protection, environmental carefulness? Was there a swarm of frogs in this area, Communist frogs that have been hiding in the woods for a few decades? Or did an eccentric naturalist just come up with this idea and make it into a crusade? “Save the frogs along here!” (I missed taking a photo of the caution sign with a red exclamation mark and a frog.)

I googled to see what they have with “Germany” and “Frog Wall” and I found Frog Pond Life Prepasted Wall Boarder, in stock for

$8.99.05_Flatbed_2 - JULY

So where am I going with this? I’m not about to kiss a frog wall to see if it turns into a castle with a prince but I can show Lady GaGa who appeared on German Television last week wearing a green coat made up of dozens of Kermit-the-frogs. Here she is! it makes me wonder about those frog walls…IMG_0234 Did Lady GaGa see the frog walls and become inspired with reptilian fashion possibilities? Or is she merely trolling for her own hoped-for Royal Moment?

May all frogs be well and happy.