My friends the Oliviers have a massive 40 year old lego collection. On Saturday, Aiden took me upstairs and showed me all of it. I mean he has a lego snake and alligator, a cat and pirates, stuff I’d never seen in my years as a lego mom, the days of flat-out-on-the-rug-building-and-building. I took these photos with my I-camera and started thinking about legos again. I found dozens of You Tube lego film clips, and trivia I never imagined. But the most startling lego info was The Lego Book with Merwin’s poetry. 

getimage.exeTrue. WS Merwin has a poem called “To the Book” contained in a pop-up book called The Lego Poem with inkjet lego designs by Kyung Min Lee. The work seeks to examine “how the interpretation of a language can change the cultural aspect of the poem.” I want to look inside, but I can’t. Here is the picture of the book, though.It is Cloth bound with cut-out windows on front cover. Signed by the artist. Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection, 2007, Chicago Il. Then I searched the internet and found the poem:

to the book     by W.S. Merwin

 Go on then

in your own time

this is as far

as I will take you

I am leaving your words with you

as though they had been yours

all the time


   of course you are not finished                          IMG_0074_2

   how can you be finished

   when the morning begins again

   or the moon rises

   even the words are not finished

   though they may claim to be



never mind

I will not be

listening when they say

how you should be

different in some way

you will be able to tell them

that the fault was all mine


whoever I was

when I made you up

<>     <>     <>     <>     <>     <>     <>     <>     <>     <>     <>     <>     <>     <>     <>  

Here is piece of poetry legos by Kim Hannula. It’s pretty fine.

The Red Wheelbarrow/ William Carlos Williams                  lego-poetry

So much depends



a red wheel                                        

barrow …                                               


beside the white


~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     

NOT TO BE MISSED>     The You Tube short in lego-scopic humor “nice pants”

+     <>     +     <>     +     <>     +     +     <>     +     <>     +     <>     +     

FOODIE- Legos:

legoeggoHard to believe, but wait, there’s a review from a food critic whose name escaped on a lego truck:

“The shape of each waffle also doesn’t make it ideal for syrup. As we all know, normal waffles have deep grooves which can hold syrup, but the Lego Eggo Waffles have a shape that does the opposite. Sure you could flip the Lego Eggo Waffles over and shoot some syrup into those tight holes, but again, there aren’t enough holes to prevent the syrup from rolling off the waffle.”

I think this is about as far as I can take this…..  Jesus Lego man

if you have lots of white pieces laying around. Lego blessings to all.   LEGO-jesus3