Sources mentioned on the show:

 “Sufism: the Heart of Islam” with Wendy McLaughlin. I mentioned Karen Armstrong, Muhammad, A Prophet for our Time; Martin Lings, Muhammad, His Life Based on the Earliest Sources; and Reza Azlan, No god but God. These all have general material on Muhammad’s wives and daughters. I forgot to mention the classic: Nabia Abbott, Aisha, the Beloved of Muhammad.

If you search farther into the primary sources – Muhammad Ibn Sa’d, The Women of Medina; Al-Tabari, The History of al-Tabari (in thirty-some volumes); A. Guillaume’s translation of Ibn Ishaq’s Sirat Rasul Allah (The Life of Muhammad); and the Alim, CD ROM (for Hadith). Gordon Newby wrote A History of the Jews of Arabia.  From here on, road leads into road…. Ya Fattah (may the way open!)

The CD’s played on the show are: White Shade Cloud and The Woman with Muhammad – to order contact   click on – music for sale and Hear a sample! .
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 The Sound – the annual poetry issue   
In this issue, between the digital pages:
<> Featured Poet, Philip Dacey
(On Writer’s Block and On Nonsense and Metaphor and
Shaharazad interviews Philip Dacey)
<> Drinking Poetry: The Dodge Poetry Fest
<> 14 pages of poetry, including High School Poets
<>  photographs by prize winning photographer Laura Plageman

Download the Annual Poetry Issue of The Soundhere.
Walter, discerning reader of good poetry catches a first look at golden
 Farsi translation of the poem “Light’s Voices” – only available in hardcopy. 
Even so, the download is a worthwhile read.