Slumdog Millionaire, a most excellent film, won a Golden Globe last night for Best Drama! The SF Chron. film editor, Mick LaSalle didn’t understand it and also mentioned it was in Hindi. I wonder if he saw it at all, since the characters spoke English. This is a remarkable story that reads like the classic Sufi tale: Layla and Majnun, only the lovers are Latika and Jamal Malik. Her name means “elegance” in Hindi, his name translates to ” handsome king,” (a Muslim name). They are orphans from hell-on-earth, the enormous Mumbai slum. His journey to his “beloved” takes him on the impossible hero’s quest. Each searing and terrible blow carries a gift he can use later on to bring him closer to Latika. Karma and dharma flash back to back, and dazzle the viewer. There is strong violence, but I would see it anyway. This award-winning film is a remarkable success by director Danny Boyle. He talks about it on You Tube: 


It’s all over the internet after the surprise win.