I’m writing to the High School students I met at Dodge: Riley, John, Abigail, and Samantha. There were two others, but I didn’t get their E-mail. I am writing to ask them to send the poems they are writing have written and are thinking about writing so I can publish them in The Sound, the newsletter I edit.  I wish someone had written me when I was in high school, when poetry was as much a part of my identity as music. When my life blew up every couple of days. When all I had was the school “Full Cry” to submit to.

Ed Hirsh said at Dodge: “I had the idea if you started talking about poems you love, the subject of poetry would deliver itself. …The poems that changed me – like Neruda’s odes– in those poems feeling came first, then the rest. …Spirit and desire have to be embodied in poetry.”

I like that he speaks of “embodying” rather than just talking about, or mentioning. A much stronger commitment. And some of us are powerfully committed to WORDS.

Download last years Poetry Issue of The Soundhere.