I’m moving from my website to a blog. The virtual moving van is out-front parked in webspace, and Ammon is lifting the boxes of stuff, helping with decisions, and instructing the movers. I’m going from full-screen-and-floaty-looking to columns. From nailed-down furniture to long four-inchers I can scoot here or there. Hang my own pictures, Pick a color.

My book is being asked to leave home after the move. It complains that it needs a really good place to go first. Fine with me, just do it. I’ll buy the platform shoes and send out the querys. I’ll make a plug:

Married to Muhammad, Untold History of the Prophet’s Wives
by Tamam Kahn

Until now the wives of Muhammad were celebrated and revered primarily in the Arabic-speaking world. In these times, when understanding and tolerance for religious and cultural differences is increasingly crucial, it is urgent to bring these women forward, to present the message of their humanity.
Wives connects the Western reader with the most famous women in the Muslim world and demystifies them; those who were married to Prophet Muhammad and stood in the first light of Islam. The book’s unusual format, prosimetrum, employs smooth narrative non-fiction peppered with short, lyric poems.